[Magazine] Singles, April 2015 issue – Just, Ji Chang Wook


Ji Chang Wook says the word “just” very often. The word “just” spoken by him has a kind of friendliness and coolness that only a person who does not spend his life on unresolvable conflicts can have. Without embellishing with grandiose expressions, this is probably just Ji Chang Wook.

Ji Chang Wook is rather shy. If one has to categorise him,  he is the kind who behaves politely towards others because he is shy. The photo shoot began at the morning rush hour and only concluded at sunset when most people have left work their workplace.  Although we had spent the whole day together while shooting at various locations across Seoul, it was only after 3pm that Ji Chang Wook started to appear more comfortable with the unfamiliar women around him who spoke to him. Cheerfully emanating out from his neat and polite image of an actor was his unpretentious mischievousness of a 29-year-old youth.    

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[Magazine] Singles Magazine, April 2015 preview [updated]

Actor Ji Chang Wook transforms into Eggsy from the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” for his photo shoot with “Singles” magazine.

During the photoshoot that took place at 6 locations across Seoul, Ji Chang Wook sported a casual look and even transformed into a perfect gentleman with a suit, showing his differing charms like a stylish fashion film. Even though the shoot went on late into the evening, he showed an amazing level of concentration befitting of an actor each time he stood in front of the camera. In this interview, Ji Chang Wook who is now spending time recharging himself after “Healer”, shares some stories behind “Healer” and his plans for the future.

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