[Eng Sub] 20150814 Stars From Korea – Ji Chang Wook


Ji Chang Wook was recently featured on China’s Sohu TV “Stars From Korea (韩来之星)”, a Korean entertainment news programme that airs online every week. As the show is produced in China, I was surprised to see that the show was conducted entirely in Korean (with Chinese subtitles added for local audiences), with the concept and on-screen animations looking rather similar to those entertainment programmes found on the major South Korean television networks.

Thankfully, the interview was rather entertaining (partly thanks to a rather amusing emcee), where Ji Chang Wook reveals the secret behind the filming of his challenging “monkey bar” action scene in “Healer” (thereby answering the question I was wondering about months ago), gets his shoulders measured again, declares his wish to act as a king in sageuks (for practical reasons), and also talks about…what else but food.

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