[Eng Sub] 20150506 Ji Chang Wook’s Sohu TV “Healer” Interview


Sohu TV conducted an exclusive interview with Ji Chang Wook in Beijing on 30 April after the “Healer” congratulatory event was over. He doesn’t really talk about “Healer” in the video, but more about his favourite manga, who he wants to invite to his wedding, the prerequisite question about his ideal girlfriend (how many times are reporters going to keep asking that?!), and of course, his favourite topic — food!

Munch on.

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[Event/Eng Sub] Ji Chang Wook celebrates the success of “Healer” on Sohu TV


On 30 April 2015, Ji Chang Wook attended a congratulatory event in Beijing organised by Sohu.com to mark the end of “Healer”, which was aired on that website and has garnered more than 400 million views since it began airing. Held at 2pm under tight security at the Sohu.com Media Plaza, the event was attended by 150 fans who were selected by a draw, but that did not deter other fans from gathering around the barricades for a glimpse of him.
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