[Magazine] @ Star1, September 2015 issue – Twenty nine, Ji Chang Wook


There are people who make you feel happy just by being with them. Actor Ji Chang Wook is a cheerful man who provides good energy to the people around him. Even when meeting him for the first time, he is a “multi-talented man” who makes you feel comfortable like you’ve been friends for 10 years. As he has been travelling around the provinces to film the movie “Fabricated City”,  Ji Chang Wook laughs heartily, saying it has been a long time since he “came up to Seoul”. We present you an interesting interview that dramatically unravels the eight years of his acting career.

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[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to feature in @Star1 September issue


Actor Ji Chang Wook reveals his thoughts about ‘cross-border romance’.

In an interview following the photo shoot for the September issue of @Star1 (pronounced “At Style-ill” in Korean), Ji Chang Wook said, “I was very surprised when I heard the news of Hallyu star Song Seung Heon dating Chinese actress Liu Yi Fei.” When asked if a cross-border romance was possible for Hallyu star Ji Chang Wook, he said frankly, “As long as we are compatible and able to communicate, I think it is possible.” When asked about his ideal type, he said, “Although I don’t have a specific ideal type, I am fond of people who can talk and laugh well with me.”

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