[Magazine] Sure, August 2014 issue – Diligent actor, Ji Chang Wook

Guilty Pleasure

It has been two months since he bade farewell to Ta Hwan in “Empress Ki”. We met up with Ji Chang Wook who is enjoying a nice break.


Ji Chang Wook is an ordinary person. Of course, we are not talking about his looks here. Even though Ta Hwan was not an easy character to empathise with, Ji Chang Wook was strong and was never once swayed because of Ta Hwan. This sense of balance is acquired through constant hard work. The Ji Chang Wook on a usual day is a diligent person. He would act diligently, while on his free days, he would go about his daily life calmly.  Thankfully, from Ji Chang Wook, we do not sense any of the pretentiousness or fussiness that celebrities think they are entitled to because of their status.

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[Magazine] SURE issues apology and offers exclusive pictures

As briefly mentioned previously, Ji Chang Wook’s feature in the August issue of Sure magazine was found to be ridden with printing errors, from a mysterious sock floating in mid-air to weird dots and circles in the text. After receiving a flurry of phone calls from angry fans, the editor has issued an apology to Ji Chang Wook’s fans for the mess-up. To further appease fans, the editor has also released high resolution pictures and an exclusive B-cut not found in the magazine itself.

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[Magazine] Preview of Ji Chang Wook in Sure Magazine

It’s out!

The August issue of Sure magazine featuring a photo spread and interview of Ji Chang Wook has been published and is available for purchase at book stores in Korea. We see Ji Chang Wook lounging around casually and looking good as usual, though I would very much prefer if he was given nicer footwear.

Here are some preview shots of the magazine. There are apparently some printing errors in the magazine, so hopefully the publisher will do something to rectify the mistakes.

We will also be doing a translation of his interview some time later, once they’ve done the corrections of course.



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