[Magazine] The Celebrity, March 2014 Issue: One night meeting with Ji Chang Wook



On a night walk with Ji Chang Wook.  Calling him out on a night that makes one all the more sensitive to the surroundings, I said I wanted to meet “Ji Chang Wook” and not the emperor “Ta Hwan”. Nevertheless, whether he was passing through the long tunnel blanketed by cold air or crossing the desolate streets, he was always unperturbed.

The night is no stranger to Ji Chang Wook.  During his rest days, he sweats it out with a game of late-night soccer with his friends, or walks around alone letting his thoughts flow. On his rest day where there is no “Empress Ki” filming, we met him not at the studio in the day, but under a bridge at the Han River at night.  On a day where the wind seems to be faster than the speed of a car, he walked in the quiet lighted underpass and along the middle of the road. Each time a question was thrown at him, he would stop and purse his lips, the cautious look of him buried in thought strangely matches with the silence of the street that day.

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