[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 9 September 2016

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앞부분만 살짝 올려봅니다!!!!! 12시 정각에 정식공개 된다고 하네요!!! #허락받느라 #힘들었다 #그날들 #지무영 #기대 #사랑했지만

I’ll just upload a little of the beginning!!!!! This will be officially released at 12 o’clock!!! #to get permission #it was hard #The Days #Ji Muyeong #anticipation #Even Though I Loved You

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[Musical] Ji Chang Wook featured in “The Days” animated music video


Musical “The Days” has released an animated music video with one of their featured songs: Kim Kwang Seok’s “Saranghaetjiman” (“Even Though I Loved You”).  “Saranghaetjiman” is sung by the Kang Muyeong character after being forced to leave the woman he loves behind in order to protect her, and is one of the highlights of the musical which stirs the hearts of its many viewers.

Different versions of the music video soundtrack were produced featuring three of the Muyeongs starring in this 2016 reboot:  Oh Jong Hyuk, Lee Hong Ki, and Ji Chang Wook.  We are very happy to present Ji Chang Wook’s version below the cut.  Enjoy!

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