[Event] Musical “The Days” to hold concert


25 November update:  Due to “unforeseen circumstances,” the 9 January 2016 concert has been postponed.  Refunds will be available at the point of purchase.

16 November update:
Glorious Entertainment has confirmed that Ji Chang Wook will not be participating in this event.

Musical “The Days” will be returning next year with a concert that will reunite all the cast members of the successful musical, and Ji Chang Wook might be attending it too.

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[Instagram Update] 1 June 2015

From actor Kang Tae Eul’s Instagram:


#초연 부터함께해온#am10~pm11#텐투일레븐#배우들 내#강무영#내새퀴들 ㅋㅋ

#Together since the first performance #am10~pm11 #ten to eleven #actors my #kang muyeong #my kids keke

*In the photo are Kang Tae Eul (left) and Oh Jong Hyuk (right) who acted with Ji Chang Wook in “The Days”.

[Instagram Update] 16 May 2015

1:19pm KST

극장에 와보니…!!! 고마워요 너무 잘먹었습니다!! #맛있어 #도시락 #내스타일

When I arrived at the theatre…!!!  Thank you I ate them very well!!  #delicious #lunch box #my style



The message on the paper reads “The meaning of blue roses is ‘Miracle’. DC Ji Chang Wook Gallery”.

*Today was the day the Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery presented their fan support prior to the matinee show in Jinju.