[Event] Ji Chang Wook Taiwan fan meeting special on 100% Entertainment

Ji Chang Wook made an appearance on Taiwanese variety show “100% Entertainment (娱乐百分百)” during his recent visit to Taiwan. Given that his drama “Healer” is currently airing on the same channel, an entire episode was devoted to him, where he played games with the audience.

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[Interview] Ji Chang Wook’s interview with the press in Taiwan


During Ji Chang Wook’s stay in Taiwan over the weekend, not only did he attend a press conference, hold a fan meeting and appear in a variety show, he also kept himself busy doing interviews with the Taiwanese press. This post is a summary of interviews released by various media outlets. Points that have been mentioned countless times in previous interviews have been omitted in this post.

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook’s busy first day in Taiwan


Ji Chang Wook arrived in Taiwan this morning to much fanfare, with more than 200 fans waiting to welcome him at the airport. Upon arriving, fans rushed forth to offer him gifts and photocards for him to sign. He paused to hand out a few autographs before being whizzed away by an entourage of sports cars and staff dressed as Healers.

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