[Event] Ji Chang Wook departs for Taiwan fan meeting


And he’s off!  Departing from Incheon International Airport earlier today, Ji Chang Wook is seen jetting off for the Taiwan stop of his “This Is JCW Asia Tour 2015” fan meeting on 6 September (info here).  We’ll update this post as more photos arrive from the news portals.  Enjoy!


Ji Chang Wook, “Shining appearance obscured by sunglasses  keke

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook performs to a sell-out crowd at Japan fan meeting

Actor Ji Chang Wook has proven to have risen to become a Hallyu star in Japan.

Through his first Asia fan meeting “This is JCW”, Ji Chang Wook has perfectly gone on to capture Japan after Hong Kong.

His fan meeting that was held on the 18th at Toyosu Pit was sold out within 10 minutes upon the commencement of ticket sales, which drew lots of attention. Ji Chang Wook could truly sense the great popularity he enjoys as he was inundated with requests from the fans right up till the day of the fan meeting. 
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[News/Event] Ji Chang Wook returns to Korea after Hong Kong fan meeting


Ji Chang Wook has returned to Korea after a night of singing, dancing and games at his Hong Kong fan meeting last night. His arrival didn’t go unnoticed by the press of course, who were there to document his arrival. Needless to say, he was also welcomed home by fans, of whom one inadvertently became the focus of many press reports.

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