[Magazine] Taiwan TVBS Issue 872 interview + scans


100 minutes of fan service. Ji Chang Wook secretly comes to Taiwan to learn Mandarin.

Korean drama “Empress Ki” is highly popular in Taiwan, and Ji Chang Wook shows his might as an “emperor”. Not only did he come to Taiwan for the first time for a fan meeting, within his four-day schedule here, he has continuously been giving interviews to various Taiwanese media. He talks freely about his journey since his debut seven years ago and his personal secrets, and even revealed that he wants to come to Taiwan to cycle around the island, inviting his fans to come along with him and “Follow me!”  Continue reading

[Interview] Ji Chang Wook sits down with TVBS Weekly

Even though Ji Chang Wook returned from his Taiwan fan meeting well over 10 days ago, the press juggernaut continues!  TVBS Weekly was invited for a special photoshoot and interview for its Issue No. 872 that will go on sale 11 September 2014.  Here’s a few screencaps and a video teaser to keep you occupied until your copies arrive!

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