[Interview] 20160728 Tengxun – Ji Chang Wook “Whirlwind Girl 2” interview

I’m not childish, I’m actually a philosopher. 


The ongoing broadcast of “Whirlwind Girl 2” has given us a big surprise — Ji Chang Wook. He is cool and mysterious in the drama, but outside the screen, he is always described by his colleagues as “playful and active”, “greedy and childish”, and won a legion of fans based on these qualities, including the endearing nickname of “Ji three-year-old (池三岁/chi san sui)”. But in Ji Chang Wook’s interview with Tengxun, he frankly reveals that he is not as “childish” as what everyone thinks, but is mature and thorough when it comes to dealing with daily matters in life, and will even ponder over problems like a philosopher sometimes.
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