[Drama] “Healer” Episode 14 News


The production team of “Healer” released stills of Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae fighting by the roadside in broad daylight.

Amid increased excitement in the show following the sudden death of Ki Young Jae, the pictures revealed by the production team show Jung Hu losing his rationality and bursting with anger upon confirming Young Jae’s death.
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[Magazine] Lady Kyunghyang, January 2015 Issue

The more you look, the more you fall in love with the man Ji Chang Wook

After “Smile Donghae” ended, he was called “Donghae”, his character’s name in the show. When “Empress Ki” ended, he was engraved in people’s minds as Ta Hwan. Now, he is “Healer”. This is about the actor Ji Chang Wook who returns as a completely different character every time.


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