[Drama] “Healer” first public script reading

On 15 September, Kim Jonghak Productions reports that the first “Healer” script reading was held on 11 September 2014 at the KBS2 Studios Annex in Yeouido.  Lee Jung Seop PD and Kim Jin Woo PD, writer Song Ji Nah, plus actors Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae, Park Min Young, Park Sang Won, Do Ji Won, Woo Hee Jin, Kim Mi Kyung, Baek Wong Sang, Oh Gwang Rok, Woo Hyun and production staff members were in attendance.  Actors Jo Han Cheol, Park Sang Myeon and Sang Wook Park could not attend due to personal matters and other commitments to their currently-airing dramas.

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[Drama] “Healer” drama synopsis and character description (Updated 19 Sept)


Drama synopsis (as written by writer Song Ji Na):

In the early 1980s, there were five friends who ran an illegal radio station.
Back then, the world was much simpler.
It was clear what had to be defended and fought for.
The way to go forth was like a straight line.
But reality destroys ideals.
Time teaches one about betrayal and compromise.

Now, their children have grown up to their twenties.
One of them became an agent who steals the secrets of others at night.
Another is a paparazzi who digs for information about others behind their backs.
In this damned world left behind by their parents,
political and societal justice are just unlucky words to them.

But there is one person who will take them forward. Thanks to him…
These children now start to harbour the same dreams as their parents.  A dream to become a real reporter.
But in order to become true reporters, there is a wall that they have to overcome.
This world that their parents have shaped and left behind for them.

Will these children be able to become the real reporters that their parents once dreamt of?
Will they be able to untie the knots of the past and change the world?

“The world messed with us first,” one person among us said.
“No, it is us who have sinned against the world,” yet another person said.
– Hwang Jin Woo, from “Within the Broad-leaved Forest”

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