About Ji Chang Wook

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Last update 15 April 2021. This list does not include works done before his official debut.  These images are forbidden from being reproduced, printed or other unauthorized usage on your own fan site/fan page.

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    • Hi, thank you for asking, but we already have an account on Instagram which directs back to this site. We would very much prefer to run an Instagram account ourselves instead of having someone manage one using our name on our behalf. Also, while we are ok with the sharing of links to posts on our site, we generally do not encourage total copy and pasting of our content on other fan sites, because this would just result in duplicated content across the web and we will also have less control over our content should we need to make amendments to our posts or address queries. Hope you can understand πŸ™‚

  1. thanks my dear. please do let me know if there’s any news or chance that he’ll be in Korea that time coz I just really wanna see him in person πŸ™‚ Have you seen him in person already?

    • You can rest assured that we will post any updates of his future events on our site. Yes, both of us have met him before. There will definitely be opportunities to see him!

      • wowwwwww! daebak! so how was he in person and how did you manage to meet him??? My God you’re so lucky!!!! do you have your facebook account so I can add you? sorry that I have lots of request and really appreciate your time replying on my messages. By the way, are you Gabby or Cherkell?

      • We trade off on answering comments and emails, depending on the subject matter. And our Facebook account is not active; we only have a presence there to keep ‘cyber-squatters’ from stealing our domain name, and instead direct readers back to our site. One of these days, we may do a post about how we both were able to meet him in person. Thanks for reading and commenting! πŸ™‚

  2. hello dear.

    we are visiting Korea on May. is there any chance to know his schedule by that time so I could just see him in person? Pleaseeeeeeeee.

    • Hi, so far there have been no announcements from his agency or the media about any plans after “Healer”. Other than announcements about new projects, details of any fan meeting or fan signs are usually announced quite last minute, so it probably depends on your luck if your travel dates do coincide with any of his activities. We do have a schedule page (found among the featured posts at our Home page) that we update as and when there are new announcements.

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