[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook also considering lead role in drama “Let Me Melt”

Hold the phone, everyone!  Nothing is set in stone until Glorious Entertainment makes an official statement one way or the other, but there’s yet another potential lead drama role that Ji Chang Wook is considering. This one sounds just as interesting as the previous role in “City of Stars” being considered, so let’s take a look! Continue reading

[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook considering lead role in drama “City of Stars”

Since there are less than 10 days left, we were just debating about which project Ji Chang Wook should jump into after his military discharge on 27 April 2019.  This may have already been decided for us, as reports are circulating that a potential drama role is already being considered!

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[Info] “Suspicious Partner” Japan DVD box set release announcement

Ji Chang Wook’s Japan agency Rubeus has announced the estimated release dates for the Japanese DVD box set editions of “Suspicious Partner” (retitled “Doubtful Partner ~Destiny Lovers~”).  A two-stage release is planned, with lots of extra goodies, colour photobooks, behind-scenes footage, and a video interview with Ji Chang Wook! Continue reading