[News] Ji Chang Wook’s overseas fans celebrate “Lovestruck in the City” with a 15 million Won donation

Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen is proud to announce its partnership with the newly-formed Ji Chang Wook Global Fandom Alliance (“JCW GFA”), comprised of 15 Ji Chang Wook fan clubs from 22 countries.  For its first fundraising campaign, the JCW GFA is participating in the Miral Welfare Foundation’s “Good Virtue Series Fan Donation Challenge.”

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[Exclusive] Ji Chang Wook is discharged from military service (fan account)

At 8:30am on 27 April 2019, Sergeant Ji Chang Wook officially completed his military enlistment by participating in a small discharge ceremony in front of assembled fans and the press at the 5th Artillery Army Brigade 8726 at Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon Province.  I was fortunate enough to arrange my work schedule to attend in person, so here’s a quick report of the day’s activities!

[Exclusive] Happy 9th debut anniversary to Ji Chang Wook (and lucky draw!)

How time flies!  Another 23 October has come around again for Ji Chang Wook’s debut anniversary!  2017 marks the 9th year since his official debut in the 2008 movie “Sleeping Beauty,” and even though our Soldier Ji is pretty much out of the limelight for another 566 days, 12 hours, 29 minutes and 10 seconds (not like we’re counting or anything…), we here at The Kitchen would be derelict in not acknowledging such a momentous occasion.  So congratulations to Ji Chang Wook for his vast contributions to the entertainment world, and we cannot wait to see you back on our screens after faithfully serving your country.  Salute!

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[Movie] “Fabricated City”: A review by Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen

Guess who turns 31 years old today?  Our very own Ji Chang Wook celebrates his birthday on 5 July, and Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen sends along its wishes for a very happy day, with many more to follow!  In addition, 5 July also marks our site’s third anniversary! Woo hoo!!

So in honour of this semi-momentous occasion, we have decided to post our joint review of Wook’s first starring movie, “Fabricated City.”  We had been holding off until the movie had its last international premiere, so sit back and read away!  (A few spoilers may be sprinkled throughout, so proceed at your own risk!)

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