[Movie] “Fabricated City”: A review by Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen

Guess who turns 31 years old today?  Our very own Ji Chang Wook celebrates his birthday on 5 July, and Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen sends along its wishes for a very happy day, with many more to follow!  In addition, 5 July also marks our site’s third anniversary! Woo hoo!!

So in honour of this semi-momentous occasion, we have decided to post our joint review of Wook’s first starring movie, “Fabricated City.”  We had been holding off until the movie had its last international premiere, so sit back and read away!  (A few spoilers may be sprinkled throughout, so proceed at your own risk!)

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[Review] Healer: End Game


Well wasn’t THAT a fun ride!  65 days after its premiere, “Healer” finally ended.  It’s taken us a few weeks of sitting back and reflecting on its 10-week run before putting fingers to keyboards.  So where to start?  After posting our initial thoughts on the first half of the series here, we will concentrate on the second half of the drama (from Episode 11 to the finale), and then give a general wrap-up of the show as a whole.  Here goes!

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[Review] Healer: Half Time!


Gabby:  We are finally halfway through “Healer”, and we figured it’s time for us to give our two cents’ worth about Ji Chang Wook’s latest project. After all, this site was created not merely to dish out information about him, but it was also meant to be an avenue for us to spazz about him too. We originally wanted to do episode recaps, but the lack of time forced us to consider doing episode reviews instead. That proved a little too ambitious also so we thought of doing weekly recaps. That did not materialise either, so we now end up with a mid-point review instead.  LOL *face palm*  Maybe there was some procrastination on our part too.

cherkell:  Yeah, we had such great ideas, but Real Life slapped us hard upside both our heads.  It’s a hard slog to do episodic recaps too, as evidenced by it taking me over a year to finish the “Five Fingers” recaps… but that was a show hardly anyone watched.  (Except for the four people that did.  I thank you for your support!)  And since there are already sooooo many other sites doing recaps, why add to the dilution of the product?  But you all know we spazz about “Healer” in our hearts, every minute of every day, right?

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