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If you came here thinking this was the website of an actual restaurant, then sorry, you will be finding delicacies of a different kind. πŸ˜‰

Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen is your one-stop site for information about the one and only Ji Chang Wook, the actor from South Korea.  This blog was created with the aim of making content and information about Ji Chang Wook more accessible and comprehensible for his English-speaking fans around the world.

You will find the various content in the following pages:

Appetiser – To stimulate your appetite, we offer you an introductory course for you to get to know more about us and Ji Chang Wook.

Fresh from the Oven – Zoom in onto the latest news about Ji Chang Wook served piping hot.

Main Course – Tuck in to our specialties — print interviews and videos translated from Korean, Japanese and Mandarin to English by us.

Side Dishes – Miscellaneous offerings.

We’re still thinking about various ways to provide more content, and as such, will be added on gradually. Please be patient!

The Chefs

Ji Chang Wook Kitchen is founded by two fans, cherkell (Soompiblog, YouTube) and Gabby. Although we do try our best to stay as close as possible to the original meaning in our translations, it is not always possible to accurately capture all the nuances in the Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages, and some terms cannot be directly translated into English. We are also not native speakers, so there may be instances of inaccuracies in translations. We merely hope to use our language skills to help spread the love for Ji Chang Wook. πŸ™‚

Saying that, since this is an English-speaking website, we humbly request that comments on any of our posts also be written in English.  Your fellow subscribers will greatly appreciate it!

While we do hope to provide timely and frequent updates, this is not always possible due to real-life commitments. Once again, we seek your kind understanding. If you have any comments or enquiries, you may email us at jcwkitchen@gmail.com.

Copyright and permissions

Translation is not an easy task, so please respect our efforts by giving due credit if you are sharing our work elsewhere. All content on this blog is for your own personal use, and is not to be copied, reposted, screencapped or otherwise shared elsewhere via social media without express permission.   If you wish to share our content with others or translate our content into other languages, please provide a URL link back to the original post on this blog, with proper credits.

16 thoughts on “About us

  1. Thank you sooooo much for your efforts.
    I recently discovered this site and l’m coming here almost everyday.
    I’m loving Ji chang wook even more thanks to you!!!

  2. Dear all,

    I am a fans from Hong Kong. Would you help any channel or group can join Ji Chang Wook’s fans club. Kindly advice how I can do.

    Best regards,

    • Hello, unfortunately, international fans are not able to join his official fan cafe at the moment without a korean citizen registration number or phone number, so we are unable to help anyone with this. Hope you understand…

  3. I guess the one I need to meet is not JCW anymore, but it’s you guys..
    How come being an very hard addicted fans like you??? Hahahaha
    knowing all JCW information, his schedule.. wow your work is really help to the world.
    This is DAEBAK!!!

  4. A friend of mine has recently recommended to visit this site…am really happy i found about this!!! Thumbs up!!! I started to be a huge fan of JCW when I watched Empress Ki. First time I saw him on TV screen, got hooked since then!!! I will visit Seoul in April, hopefully there will be a musical play during that time so I can watch him and see him in person….thank you so much for creating this website!!! I wish his fanbase here in the Phils. will reach the same height as that of Lee Min Ho, so he could have a fan meeting here in Manila…

  5. Jcwkitchen,
    Thanks for the hard work. I recently became a fan of jcw. Are you guys from USA? If not where are you guys from?

  6. Hi there,
    So glad I found you guys! & in English! πŸ™‚ Great website & I appreciate the translation soooo much! I’m curious about JCW’s family, do you have any info?

  7. Thank you for creating this web page. Love the website!! Really appreciate you’ll taking so much time out and translating it into english,this gives us an insight into the world of ji chang wook. πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you Sou Chefs Cherkell and Gabby for connecting Ji Chang Wookish oppa to the rest of his international fans via this wonderful website of delicious treats. I appreciate all of your time and dedication to this awesome kitchen! I thought I’ve seen all kinds of acting through my numerous years of drama watching but Oppa is definitely killing his roles in Healer. Wishing you both and your families a wonderful new year! Thanks again!!

  9. Hi! I’m a new fan of Ji Chang Wook and this English fansite is heaven sent. Thank you for your hardwork. You are doing an awesome job with this site. The posts are meaty and always up to date. I’ll keep coming back here and enjoy uri Ji Chang Wook as he is one delectable delight.

  10. Thank you so much to Sous-chef Cherkell and Sous-chef Gabby for assisting Chef Ji Chang Wook in the creation of this awesome kitchen!! I love the original concept and appreciate your hardwork. I especially like your “exclusive fan project” dish and wish I knew about the kitchen sooner so I could have participate in making it =( . Nevertheless, I enjoy sampling all the fabulous “dishes” that Ji Chang Wook Kitchen has to offer and look forward to more of your tasty creations in the future. Happy New Year everybody and may this year be the best year yet for Ji Chang Wook Kitchen!

  11. i really appreciates a lot and so grateful everything you did, just to reach out and know what’s going on to our favorite and most loved ji chang wook. You’re such a great help to all of us, keep up the good work…thanks for updating us and keep up the good work…

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