[Drama] “Annarasumanara” Ji Chang Wook·Choi Sung Eun·Hwang In Yeop character posters revealed

Netflix’s “Annarasumanara” attracted attention by releasing posters of characters such as Lee Eul, Yoon Ai, and Na Il Deung, who are comforted and grow up through each other.

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[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook x Sooyoung ‘If You Say Your Wish,’ scheduled for Netflix?

The drama “If You Say Your Wish” (literal title) starring actors Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation) and Ji Chang Wook will be filmed for the first time later in September.

[NOTE: Until an official announcement has been made by either Ji Chang Wook or Glorious Entertainment, this is an ongoing story and will be updated as more information is made public.]

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[Article] Korean Dramas and Movies: Shocked! Did you really drink and act? Summary of popular handsome Korean actors ♡

“Drunken scenes” almost always appear in Korean dramas and movies.  Most of the actors pretend to be drunk and act, but rarely do they really drink and shoot.  “Actually, I might have been really drunk filming that scene!”  We introduce behind-the-scenes episodes based on interviews and making-of videos! (Unrelated content has been removed.)

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