[Exclusive] Happy 30th Birthday to Ji Chang Wook!


Guess who turns 30 years old today?  Our very own Ji Chang Wook celebrates his birthday on 5 July, and Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen sends along its wishes for a very happy day, with many more to follow!  This day also marks our site’s second anniversary! Woo hoo!!

We both were racking our brains trying to figure out something special to commemorate this momentous event.  For his drama debut 7th anniversary last year (here and here), we posted each of our personal favorite Ji Chang Wook drama characters, so this year we decided to flip that around and suggest what roles we would see Ji Chang Wook take on for any of his future dramas.

We’ve already watched Wook’s on-screen performances as a schoolboy, chef, warrior swordsman, vegetable seller, pianist, Emperor, and night courier.  Hopefully soon we will see him portray an unemployed gamer, day-and-night twins, and a yuan wu dao instructor.  You may be thinking, “Wow!  So many characters have already been added to his career portfolio.  What other roles would there be available for him to take on?”  Well, fret no more – The Kitchen came up with four different possibilities for your consideration.  Read along and see if any of these could also be your picks as well!

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[Exclusive] Ji Chang Wook 樂ruck CONCERT in Japan (fan account)


Had it really been almost two years since I attended Ji Chang Wook’s last fan meeting in Southwestern Japan in June 2014?  Somehow, I found myself returning to Osaka for yet another appearance, this time for his “JCW in OSK 樂ruck CONCERT” held at the Osaka Convention Centre on 17 April 2016.  (Note:  Due to the high level of security, I was unable to take any photos or videos during the live concert.)

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[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook meets Singapore fans for the first time


Ji Chang Wook made his first official visit to Singapore yesterday (6 December) as the new brand ambassador of Japanese soap brand Shokubutsu, one of several brands under Lion Corporation.

After landing in Singapore at 6am, Ji Chang Wook spent a busy afternoon with fans and the media at a press conference followed by two fan meetings back-to-back.

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[Notice/Project] Ji Chang Wook support banners for Singapore fans

This post is meant for all readers who are planning to see Ji Chang Wook in Singapore on 6 December.

As many of you would know by now, Ji Chang Wook will be coming to Singapore for Shokubutsu promotions, where he will be having a private fan meeting and a public meet-and-greet session at Suntec City on 6 December 2015.

In order for us to show our support to Ji Chang Wook, I’ve designed a hand banner that fans can display during the events. It is rare that Ji Chang Wook comes to Singapore, and it seems like his schedule here is going to be very rushed, so I thought we could at least show our love for him during the short time we have with him by holding support banners at the event.


Sample shot. Image files to be downloaded for printing are located below.

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