[Exclusive] Happy 7th Debut Anniversary, Ji Chang Wook! – Character review (part 1)


How time flies.  It really has been 7 years since Ji Chang Wook’s entertainment debut on 23 October 2008.  Since the launching of our Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen website last year, we have had several readers ask us:

“What is your favorite character role played by Ji Chang Wook?”

So in honour of this auspicious occasion, your Admins will try to answer this question in a two-part series, with each of us providing commentary on our absolute favorite Ji Chang Wook character… starting now!

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[Info] Update on the DC Gallery Review Book

Some of you may remember that in late 2014, Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen was asked by the Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery to assist them with gathering submissions from international fans for the upcoming publication of the DC Gallery’s First Review Book.  Upon their request, we posted a call for two separate collections of items, and those who decided to join in presented such amazing pieces of artwork, phone screen captures, recipes, small notes and other items which we gladly forwarded to the DC Gallery to be included in this Review Book.  And for that, your Admins here are eternally grateful for your support.

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