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20 thoughts on “[Exclusive] Ji Chang Wook 2015 Asia Tour in Hong Kong (fan account)

  1. I enjoyed reading your FA 😘. Being a fangirl my self to one person and dedicated my heart to him for few years and flYing a thousand miles only for seeing him. I really can relate your story, feeling and excitement.

    I get to know about Ji chang wook when I watched Healer. He acted well. He is good looking and seem a very humble person. I visited this blog occasionally as I really enjoy reading them. Great Avenue to support him. Well done, Gabby 😘

  2. Thanks for the sharing your experience. Was there really a lot of empty seats or that place was really huge. I know the venue is relatively new. I don’t want JCW to feel disappointed at his first stop of his tour. For sure, I thought the fans from China will attend since it so close. I would’ve to traveled to HK from the US since I’m from there but my passport expired. 😦 I was late to getting to the LA venue, if only he will film in the Washington DC area – I will be there. 🙂

  3. Thanks again for sharing yet another wonderful experience with us 😀 😀 😀

    JCW singing Lee Juck’s “Rain” is definitely one of my favourite highlights considering how he mentioned before that it’s one of his favourite songs heh. And we finally got a full version of him singing it so double yay hehe!! When JCW sang the first line of “Rain” he got me gasping boy oh boy it was beautiful 😉

    And of course, i totally appreciate JCW singing a Chinese song…and yeah like what you said, his pronunciation was good and i sure do hope that he sings more Chinese song in the future as well 🙂

  4. Wow! thanks for your sharing! it’s vivid enough that I thought I were also in there! Hope his Taiwan FM will still be held this year….

  5. Maybe Ji Chang Wook saved other good songs such as ‘To The Butterfly’ for other fan meetings, probably in Seoul, Korea. Yeah, I would love to hear him singing live his own songs from his dramas and musicals. I remember last year I asked him on his Instagram to sing a Chinese song for the Taiwan fan meeting. He didn’t do it last time, but he did it for the Hongkong fans this year. How cute! However, why didn’t he sing it in Cantonese but Mandarin?

  6. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for sharing your HK FM, I enjoy reading it. It would be shocking to hear him sing Tian Mi Mi, it’s such an old classic and I usually hear grandpas singing it, haha.
    May be ” Yue Liang dai biao wo de xin” next time ? Right, another oldie. Gotta say he sang that Chinese number well and i too hope he comes to Spore for a FM.

  7. Hi Gabby, as usual, let me say ‘thank you’ again. Eventhough you were not satisfied, your fan account is the excellent and worthwhile for me 🙂 Yeah, I think your guess can be ture about Loli.. who else ! might think to include it in FM 😀 He loves his Loli and might want to show off his beautiful Loli. 😀 One more.. nail painting, he did the best with all his full effort.. can feel his appreciation,return for loving him 🙂 can’t help to stop saying good things about him 🙂

  8. Thank you Gabby for this account of JCW’s FM in Hongkong! I have been waiting for this and i am so glad you have enjoyed it amids some glitches. I loved how you described all his singing! It is as if i was there (as many has mentioning). I hope me too woill experience something like this in my lifetime:):):):):)

  9. Hi Gabby, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I’m a fellow Singaporean fan of JCW and I really hope he’ll organize a fan meet here one day. Do you have any idea how big his fan base here in sg is?

    Anyway, he seems like such a humble and hardworking person. The fans who got called up on stage were SO lucky how I wish I could be one of them!

    • Hello! I’m also curious about this but I’ve no idea how big is his Singapore fan base, though I do notice there are more Singaporean fans commenting on our site these days. What I do know is that based on my site’s visitor statistics, Singapore is among the top 5 sources of traffic to the Kitchen almost everyday, so there must be more fellow Singaporean fans lurking around!! 😀

      • Hi Gabby.. Glad to hear that having more Singaporean fans here 🙂 hoping more and more fans in Sg for the chance of FM 🙂
        It would be good if GE considers that Singapore is the most convenient place for all International fans.. can come down from Thai, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and all over the world countries. (Let’s say.. even if Thai FM has arranged, the ones who ever attend his FM..definitely will look forward to the next FM because of his cuteness.)
        I m praying hard ‘This is JCW’ to include Singapore. 🙂

    • Hello fellow Singaporeans 😀 It’s great to hear that there are many other Singaporeans who love JCW too!

      I really hope he comes Singapore for a fanmeet one day as well! I would be totally hyped to meet him! :3

      Also, thank you Gabby for sharing all these wonderful posts with us and updating us with his news, thanks to your posts I love JCW even more now because his personality as described here is just sweet :,)

  10. Thanks so much for this report Gabby. It’s as if I was there with you…experiencing all your anxieties and stress and frustration and glee! Well done!

  11. Thanks for writing this. I read it word by word and it reminds me of the night too! Agree with you that the last song suied him and i was so touched while he was singing. It would be geat if he could try Leehom’s song someday 🙂

    I was also surprised that he didn’t sing “To the butterfly” which i like this song very much. And was kind of frustrated that some of the fans who bought cheaper tickets ended up running to the front and sat in front rows….

    Anyway, that was a memorable night and i love the part when the camera followed him to back stage!

  12. Thank you so much Gabby for sharing your experience and your thoughts on the Hong Kong fan meeting with us. I was really looking forward to reading your fan account !
    I’m sorry that there were some negative points that made you weren’t 100% happy about the event. However, as you described it so well, these are very beautiful memories that I believe you will keep for a very long time 🙂 Not everyone can see him in real life and attend his live concert ^^ I really love the fact that JCW made this like a proper concert. His interpretation of the song “The days” touched me a lot…
    I’m so envious and thankful for your account and videos/photos…Hopefully I would be lble to attend his FM someday 🙂
    Many thanks again ~

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