[CF] New behind-the-scenes footage of Ji Chang Wook’s Lonsdale CF


Lonsdale keeps releasing video after video of Ji Chang Wook at the photo shoot for their CF. This time, he is shown posing for photos in Lonsdale’s WARMAX down jackets, and gives a short interview along with fellow Lonsdale model, actress Kim Ji Won.

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Lonsdale also announced that Ji Chang Wook has specially designed a T-shirt for the brand, and the T-shirts are expected to go on sale on 15 July. Who would think that this guy who used to draw funny human caricatures on TV, is fast becoming a wannabe fashion designer??


With the CFs rolling out in full swing, extra-large posters of Ji Chang Wook can now be admired at Lonsdale stores in China. So, will you be shopping for clothes or drooling in front of the wall?


Credit: Lonsdale Weibo, 赖国成 weibo

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4 thoughts on “[CF] New behind-the-scenes footage of Ji Chang Wook’s Lonsdale CF

  1. yes Gab the Lonsdale t-shirt he designed, and if you know other online store selling JCW items would also a good help. Thank you for the info. 🙂

    • Are you referring to the T-shirt he designed for Lonsdale? No concrete details have been announced regarding this, but it might be purchasable on Lonsdale’s China online store.

  2. Thank you Gabby for the translation!
    Wow so many goodies! i wake up with these yummies! jcw never really disappoints his fans with his pictorials/vid (be it CFs, magazines, film, etc…). Gorgeous overload!!!

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