[Movie] Ji Chang Wook’s first movie lead role in “Fabricated City”

As we first reported months ago, Actor Ji Chang Wook will be venturing beyond dramas to the big screen as the lead of a new movie.

Ji Chang Wook has been chosen to front director Park Kwang Hyun’s new action movie “Fabricated City” (working title; produced by TPS Company) as the lead, and is now making preparations for filming. Before commencing filming, Ji Chang Wook and the production team gathered at a certain place in Seoul on the afternoon of 27 June to hold a prayer ceremony to pray for a safe production of the movie.

Ji Chang Wook has grown in ability and popularity after starring in the KBS 2TV drama “Healer” in the beginning of the year and MBC’s “Empress Ki” last year.

Since last year in particular, Ji Chang Wook has rode on the Hallyu Wave that is going strong in China and has gained greater recognition in countries across Asia. With that rise in fame, he has received many movie offers and has gone through great pains to make his decision.

This movie belongs to the crime action genre. The movie is a revenge story about a man who has been wrongly accused and seeks to set right his own destiny.

Ji Chang Wook will be the main lead who drives the story. Having made his big screen debut in 2010’s “Death Bell 2” with a supporting role, this will be the first time he is playing the lead in a movie.

Meanwhile, the synergy that will be created with the collaboration between Ji Chang Wook and director Park Kwang Hyun is drawing attention.

Director Park who is famed for the movie “Welcome to Dongmakgol” was initially preparing for the fantasy movie “The Fist”, a big-scale collaboration with China, but he has since changed plans and will be directing “Fabricated City” first, hence meeting with Ji Chang Wook.

Source: Sports Donga

Note: Glorious Entertainment has yet to make any official statement confirming this news, so take this with a pinch of salt for now.

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  1. Sorry, Modified City or Fabricated City?
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  3. I hope “Fabricated City” becomes a reality. Can’t wait to see JCW on the big screen. Thanks again for the update JCWKitchen.

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  5. Great news πŸ™‚
    But I noticed not many articles reporting this so far, I wonder why the production and actor agency didn’t release official announcement (with all the cast) while they already had the prayer ceremony … (I hope Shim Eun Kyung and Yoo Hae Jin have also signed to the movie)

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