[News/Movie] Ji Chang Wook considering movie for next project


Actor Ji Chang Wook has been offered to star in the movie “Fabricated City”.

According to Glorious Entertainment, “The movie ‘Fabricated City’ is still in the process of discussion. His casting is not 100% confirmed. This is just one of the projects that he is considering. He is actively looking through the various offers that he has received.” 

Originally named “Broken Man”, “Fabricated City” is a story about a man who has been falsely accused as a suspect and dreams of revenge. Although he has decent qualifications and good looks, he is jobless and addicted to gaming, and he gets embroiled in the rape-murder of an underaged girl.

Prior to “Fist Fighting”, director Park Gwang Hyun will begin to film “Fabricated City”. Production of “Fist Fighting” was postponed after Yeo Jin Gu dropped out of the production. Director Park Kwang Hyun has received recognition for his warm and novel works such as “Welcome To Dongmakgol” and “No Comment Family”.

In this movie, Ji Chang Wook has been offered the lead role of Nam Oh. If his casting is confirmed, this will be the first time that Ji Chang Wook takes on the lead role in a commercial movie.

Meanwhile, casting for the movie is ongoing, and filming is expected to begin in the first half of this year.

*There is no official English title for the movie yet. The titles seen here are merely literal translations from the Korean title, which can have different meanings.


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13 thoughts on “[News/Movie] Ji Chang Wook considering movie for next project

  1. Even though I wanted him to see him so badly in another k-drama before he enlist for the military (because it’s longer than a movie. Hahhaha.), but it’s good to see him doing a movie. It shows that he’s capable to challenge himself to take on a new role.

    I personally like him having a role which is mysterious and with some action going on. Just like the The Man Out of Nowhere kind of story. It’s kinda sexy and attractive to me. But JCW is already all that!!! Hahha. It’s been awhile now. I still couldn’t get over him when Healer is over. I think I never will be. 😀

    Anyways, I support whatever’s good for him. I’ll miss him dearly once he goes to the military. Aishhhhhh!!! <3<3<3<3<3

    JCW, Saranghaeeee and Hwaitingg!! 😀

  2. The movie seems very heavy-going, not the fluffy rom-com genre. For me, it is good to see JCW challenge yet another type of role.

    JCW fighting!

    • For a humble actor like him… Any movie would be. Soooo excited to see him act on big screen

  3. Thanks. I am looking forward to watch him on the screen despite Healer just over a month ago. Miss watching his acting.

  4. I can’t wait for his next project, I hope it will be interesting as his role in dramas. After all this time, he should become the main lead in a movie and i believe he’ll be doing a great job in every project that he choose. Because he is a good actor

  5. I think JCW is smart enough to make the right decision and I would support him in whatever project he chooses because at the end of the day, it’s his career.

  6. This is such great news when I saw it at other news portals this morning. I’m pretty sure JCW will make a wise decision. Can’t wait to see him in a high-profile movie. I do hope I could support him in his ventures to get his name recognized in the Chungmuro.

  7. Thanks !!!
    when I saw the news on a korean website this morning I thought it’s the “Fist” movie by the same director and was very worried because of what happened to Yeo Jingu in the casting before.
    It sounds not bad but I hope we have more details about this project as well as the scriptwriter and the production company. Hope JCW makes a wise choice !

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