[Event] Ji Chang Wook’s fan sign in Gangnam draws fans from around the world


Actor Ji Chang Wook held a fan sign on the afternoon of 2nd August at the Gangnam Tourist Information Centre in Apugujeong, Seoul.

Not only local fans, but fans from China, Japan, France, Italy, Russia, Egypt and elsewhere had gathered here to wait for his fan sign.

A Ji Chang Wook exhibition had been held at the Hallyu Experience Zone on the second floor of the Gangnam Tourist Information Centre since 13 June to showcase the variety of new Hallyu content and to boost tourism, and it will be held until 15 August.

Displayed at the exhibition are drama props, stage costumes and personal items of Ji Chang Wook, and limited edition mugs, bottles, autographed T-shirts, caps and more are being sold here.

Seen together with him in some of the pictures is Shin Yeon Hee, the head of the Gangnam Tourist Information Centre.

Credit: bnt news; see watermarks in pictures

7 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook’s fan sign in Gangnam draws fans from around the world

  1. Hi JCWK, thnks for the updates & photos of our idol MR. JCW… looking as handsome & gorgeous as ever. this is why his having a lot of fans from all over the world ‘coz he comes as he is.. a simple guy loved by many… i hope the created items he had made for Liondale be available for his other “friends” like me to get a hold for memorabilia or collection.

    anyways, just take an extra care of your self SIr JCW,,, safe filming on your new project & we are all just here to cheer & pray for you… :0)

  2. Wow! Thanks JCWKitchen!

    JCW must be so overwhelmed! Fans from as far as Russia? I’m so happy for JCW that this event has brought his international fans all the way to Korea. JCW looks like he’s lost weight. Is it because of the filming? But he still looks very handsome and dashing.

  3. Thanks a lot JCWkitchen for best photos collection. ๐Ÿ™‚
    After his HKG FM, I thought it was the best event of him.. sad that I couldn’t join.
    After his Jpn FM, thought the same.. regret the same..
    Then, BD party FM..speechless again.. till now, repeatedly playing all vid clips..looking for new pic.. not enough yet.
    This small event again, he totally deserves his success.. every moment, every of his movement are stunning.. his warmth, thoughtfulnes…all are worthy to wait overnight.
    really envy the ones who went from overseas.. now, i got biggest regret that i didn’t..
    (biggest.. may be until his next new event ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    • I could not agree more with you @soo bin… And that dark blue shirt and white shoes….he is simply, amazingly beautiful wow …dead me!!!

      • yesssss! only he can really carry that fresh outdoorsy look but still exudes a manly, sexy appeal. he is just the perfect guy for me ;-), for all of us!!!

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