[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook in Harper’s Bazaar Korea September 2016 issue


As previously tipped by his Instagram post yesterday, Ji Chang Wook will be featured in a photo spread and interview for the September 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea.  We all are treated to the latest in men’s fashions courtesy of several upscale designers such as Givenchy and Bottega Veneta.

Harper’s Bazaar shared a short video of him posing for pictures for the magazine.

They also shared a video with a short interview. Click on CC for English subtitles.


31 August Update:  Glorious Entertainment has provided some B-cuts of the Bazaar photoshoot here:

The September issue is now on sale on online Korean shopping sites such as Gmarket.

Subtitles translated from Korean to English by Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen.  Please do not reprint, repost, screencap or otherwise copy our content without permission.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Korea Facebook; Harper’s Bazaar Instagram; Glorious Entertainment Weibo

12 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook in Harper’s Bazaar Korea September 2016 issue

  1. Is there a way for us fans here in the UK can get magazines or merchandise that features JCW?? Thanks you.

  2. Wow insanely hot and gorgeous!!! He is continuously improving himself! He always gives us new and exciting Wookie every now and then!!! Today is the start of The Day musical, God bless you Wookie and the whole team!

    Thank you Kitchen for relentlessly sharing Wookies activities!

    • How can he be appearing in the. musical and filming K2? If he is finding a way to do both, I’m continually amazed at these Kstars’ busy schedules.

      • @Beez..don’t forget JCW’s photo shoots for his endorsements and magazines in between! Crazy crazy schedules they have. How not to get sick? ☹️

  3. Thank you JCWKitchen! Absolutely gorgeous beautiful pics of JCW!

    Can’t wait for the interview! Can never get tired of hearing JCW’s voice or looking at his pics over and over again! He’s just so charismatic! Will miss him sorely when he goes into the army later this year. But meanwhile..playing the video clip again..

      • @mhay_09..this was mentioned some time ago. Apparently after the Musical run is over? Makes me sad just thinking about this..no JCW news for practically 2 years! 😭

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