[Musical] Ji Chang Wook featured in “The Days” animated music video


Musical “The Days” has released an animated music video with one of their featured songs: Kim Kwang Seok’s “Saranghaetjiman” (“Even Though I Loved You”).  “Saranghaetjiman” is sung by the Kang Muyeong character after being forced to leave the woman he loves behind in order to protect her, and is one of the highlights of the musical which stirs the hearts of its many viewers.

Different versions of the music video soundtrack were produced featuring three of the Muyeongs starring in this 2016 reboot:  Oh Jong Hyuk, Lee Hong Ki, and Ji Chang Wook.  We are very happy to present Ji Chang Wook’s version below the cut.  Enjoy!

In addition, Glorious Entertainment has released a set of behind-scenes photos of Ji Chang Wook preparing for his recording of “Saranghaetjiman.”

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Credit:  Insight Entertainment; Glorious Entertainment

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10 thoughts on “[Musical] Ji Chang Wook featured in “The Days” animated music video

  1. The first time for me to hear about this song was in Musical Award performed by JCW few years before. It was so touching and I could feel the sadness even though I don’t understand the lyrics. This is the power of music and looking forward to hear others beautiful songs with your special voice.

    • The music video and audio track are not available as physical albums. They can only be purchased and downloaded (legally) online through Korean music sites such as Mnet and Melon. But it might be difficult for foreign fans to purchase through such websites since everything is in Korean. The Days OST was previously released on iTunes, so hopefully his song will be made available on iTunes soon.

    • i just love this song and the way he sings it. his voice is rich and sweet and smooth with this song. i can really feel his emotions in it. thanks again.

  2. You can’t imagine how often I see the video- concert in Osaka and Nanjing . I like to see and hear Ji Chang Wook again,an again.He has such an intensive deep voice with inspiriting note and refresh feelings deep inside of my soul…

  3. This animation video is a treasure…it is so heartfelt! JCW’s singing is so emotional and purr-fectly matched to the character’s feelings. It is especially special to fans who are not able to attend this musical…WOW! After yearning so much for JCW presence, I feel his surrounding aura now with dramas, music, CFs, social medias…thank you actor Ji and JCW Kitchen! I am a contented fan now.

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