[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold 10th debut anniversary concert before enlistment (Updated)


Glorious Entertainment has announced plans for a special Ji Chang Wook concert to mark his 10-year debut anniversary this year!*

From a bright youth in 2008, Ji Chang Wook has grown to become one of South Korea’s representative actors today.  This concert serves as an opportunity for Ji Chang Wook to celebrate this special milestone with his fans and to repay the love that fans have given him over the years. Before he bids a temporary goodbye, he wishes to also offer the gift of unforgettable memories before his impending military enlistment this year.

Beginning in Japan in 2012, Ji Chang Wook has spent the past six years on tour in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and elsewhere throughout Asia.  Based on the rich experience and know-how gained from the Ji Chang Wook Asia Tour, you can expect to see a new appearance and best performances for actor Ji Chang Wook.

The concert will be held on 22 July 2017 at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul.  (Olympic Park was also where Ji Chang Wook held his 2015 Birthday Celebration.)  Other details such as the event time and ticket sales will be provided by Glorious at a later date.

14 June update:
Date and time of concert: 22 July 2017, 7pm KST
Running time: 150 minutes with 15-minute intermission
Ticket prices:
R seats – 130,000won
S seats – 99,000won
A seats – 88,000won

Ticket sales will be done via Interpark. Ticket sales begin 21 June 2017, 12pm KST.

19 June update:

Links for ticket purchases are here:  Interpark Korea  Interpark Global

21 June update:

Since all tickets for the original 7:00pm performance sold out in less than 3 minutes, Glorious Entertainment has added a second matinee performance at 2:00pm for 22 July.  Tickets will go on sale at 7:00pm KST on 21 June, and purchase links are here; remember to check the specific time for which you are purchasing (2:00pm or 7:00pm):  Interpark Korea  Interpark Global

NOTE:  Please respect Glorious and Ji Chang Wook’s wishes to not purchase seats for both shows in order to give all his fans the opportunity to attend his last concert before enlistment.

* Although 23 October 2008 has been designated as Ji Chang Wook’s official debut date, Glorious Entertainment has decided to celebrate a year early, as Ji Chang Wook will already be serving in the military when his true debut date occurs on 23 October 2018.

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

8 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold 10th debut anniversary concert before enlistment (Updated)

  1. Glad to hear from Glorious Entertainment for setting this lovely programs which I believe wil attract millions fans of Ji Chang Wook around the world.Even though wil never be able to see him in person or his concert…will always adore him forever…..Thanks for his appreciation to his fans in anticipation…Millions of hugs and kisses…and hope will always success….

  2. *sigh* wish I could be there. Or, more realistically, wish his tour including coming here.

    I watched Fabricated City last night and I still can’t wind down from it. I feel like I need to catch my breath!

  3. yes! oh those lucky ones who will be there in person! one day i wish to see him personally also. i am loving suspicious partner and will wait patiently for his return from the army.

  4. A big sigh! I wish to be there, but the schedule is too tight for me now. I will wait for the next one when he comes back from the military service. For the meantime, I wish him and the fans a fun and memorable time together!
    I am also immensely enjoying “Suspicious Partner” as well. JCW is gorgeous as ever and portrays the lawyer Noh’s character perfectly. He also has a great chemistry with his co-star and the rest of the crew.
    According to the press, his show’s rating is rising. JCW and his drama are already the hottest topics despite the second ranking in the rating, which means he captured the young female audiences’, heart and more! Go figures~ ^^

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