[Drama] A pictorial starring Ji Chang Wook, “Maketh Suit King”

Everyone knows it is a fact that he has shoulders as wide as the Pacific!  Eyes deeper than the deep sea!  The owner of multiple attractions… our actor Ji Chang Wook!  To that end, Glorious Entertainment provides us with some behind-scenes of Ji Chang Wook showing off his special sartorial stylings for “Suspicious Partner.”

01.  J lassic Suit.  I want to work with the best.  Ji Chang Wook / Ji Wook.

Stressing the smartness.  Classic yet charismatic, the SUIT.

Accessory one:  detail tie and pin.

Accessory two:  glasses.  Smart image UP.

Accessory three:  sharpened pencil and thimbles.

That’s right.  Classic.  “J lassic” suit.  Charismatic eyes explode.

Leaving an unforgettable visual.

Eye contact stops the heart.  ♥♥♥

One day’s schedule in Jeju.  This glowing man on the airport bus.

Wherever and whenever, confident Ji Chang Wook.

02.  J asual Suit.

Irrespective of style… left speechless.

This time, a striped shirt adds softness.

By tying the basic tee to the suit, a soft smile.  It feels like a silk smile.

Does our actor have troubles?

The last suit style is left!

03.  J emi Suit

Happily share a smile!

On this week’s broadcast, Ji Wook was captured at the front of the school.

By the roadside… oooh, look!

A bright yellow linen suit.  Actor Ji Chang Wook makes it brighter!

In the last post, a photo of Actor Ji in a blue linen suit attracted a lot of attention.

The smile is so pretty.  A bright shirt becomes more suitable than anything else.

The smile of Our Actor is full of flowers.  But there is no Spring in June….

Join Glorious at another time as they prepare more styling of Actor Ji Chang Wook!

Credit:  Glorious Entertaiment Naver Blog

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  1. What’s up with Glorious Entertainment? How did they know we like to just STARE…endlessly?

  2. JCW wears ALL clothes very well!! His body structure…broad shoulders that taper to a slim waist, long waistline and long arms and legs, skin color that handles all colors, and of course, a handsome face/features that demand that you look at him. He also has perfect ears (just love them!), and a great rear end that enhances suits (I just had to add this). Although it looks like JCW has lost weight, I wonder if it helped him in wearing these suits. A muscular body might create challenges in fitting. It’s been dream-like watching this gorgeous man wear suits on SP…a perfect CEO specimen!

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