[News] “Melting Me Softly” Ji Chang Wook, Won Jin Ah and Yoon Se Ah, scenes of the script rehearsal

tvN’s “Melting Me Softly” scenes of the script rehearsal, which exploded with laughter, have been revealed.

[Note:  Going forward, The Kitchen will refer to the title of Ji Chang Wook’s new drama as “Melting Me Softly” instead of its more literal translation of “Let Me Melt.”]

tvN’s new drama “Melting Me Softly” (scriptwriter Baek Mi Kyung; director Shin Woo Chul; production companies Studio Dragon and JS Pictures) is a romantic drama in which a man and a woman who participated in a 24-hour frozen human project wake up 20 years later due to a mysterious plot, with side effects that a rise in heart rate and body temperature should not exceed 33°C to survive.  Scriptwriter Baek Mi Kyung of the dramas “Strong Girl, Do Bong Soon,” “The Lady in Dignity” and “The Miracle We Met,” and director Shin Woo Chul of  “Lovers in Paris,” “Secret Garden” and “The Gentleman’s Dignity” are making headlines by bringing together the best hit-makers.

In June, the first script rehearsal for “Melting Me Softly” was held in Sangam-dong, Seoul, and accompanied by scriptwriter Baek Mi Kyung and director Shin Woo Chul, as well as major cast members such as Ji Chang Wook, Won Jin Ah, Yoon Se Ah, Im Won Hee, Kim Won Hae, Shim Hyung Tak, Jeon Soo Kyung, Choi Bo Min, Yoon Seok Hwa, Jung Hae Kyun, Gil Hye Yeon, and Seo Jung Yeon.  The scene was filled with hot heat and jovial laughter, as the acting circle gathered together on the day when their names alone created both expectation and trust.

“I hope it will be a happier drama after finishing than before it started,” said writer Baek Mi Kyung as the script rehearsal began in a friendly atmosphere with the actors after finishing their introductions.  Ji Chang Wook, who plays the role of rising star PD Ma Dong Chan as an awakened entertainment star after being frozen for 20 years, picked up a smattering of laughter between the younger actors, boosting the atmosphere at the scene.

Won Jin Ah, another frozen human being who woke up with Ma Dong Chan, heralded the transformation of her acting into an unforeseeable character with a shabby and unattractive face.  After waking up in 20 years and perfectly depicting the confusing state of the world that has changed so much, she was the antagonist “Go Mi Ran” from her first script reading.  Yoon Se Ah, who was the first love of Ma Dong Chan, expressed her agitated emotions from 20 years ago, and became the announcer Na Ha Young who turned into a cold snob.  She expressed it delicately, and will make us look forward to the actual filming.

The other supporting characters who made everyone explode with laughter were Im Won Hee and Kim Won Hae (as Ma Dong Chan’s younger brothers Ma Dong Sik and Ma Dong Joo, respectively), and Jeon Soo Kyung (as PD Son Hyeon Gi).  Son Hyeon Gi, who is the current Director of Entertainment at the broadcast station, is well over 40 years old, but has trepidations over calling the younger-looking Ma Dong Chan “oppa.”  With Ma Dong Sik and Ma Dong Joo’s situations with their hyung after an absence of 20 years, their teamwork created a perfect performance that foreshadowed the birth of numerous comical scenes.

In addition, Shim Hyung Tak will play Go Mi Ran’s ex-boyfriend Hwang Byung Shim, Yoon Seok Hwa will play Ma Dong Chan’s mother Kim Won Jo, and Jung Hae Kyun will play Kim Hong Seok, who went from being a lowly PD to the current president of the broadcast station.  All of them raised the quality of the drama by professionally portraying their respective characters.

The production crew said, “From the beginning, the actors’ perfect performance was added to the immersive and entertaining story by Baek Mi Kyung, and the script practice was over after a hearty laugh.”  “You can look forward to the transformation of actors as well as the pleasant chemistry created by the interesting settings between characters,” he said.  He added that “Melting Me Softly,” which will showcase a thawing romance and frozen mystery, is expected to melt viewers’ hearts as well, with an exciting script by Baek Mi Kyung combined with PD Shin Woo Chul’s great direction.

Meanwhile, “Melting Me Softly” will air on tvN in the second half of this year, following Part 3 of the “Arthdal Chronicles.”

Source:  Star Daily News

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  1. Can’t wait to watch Melting Me Softly. Good luck to a everyone working in this drama especially to my idol Ji Chang Wook. Break a leg!

    • What a treat to have JCW returning to the screen. Although I have loved all of his dramas even the melo, his comedic acting is my favorite. I can tell how compassionate he is and works hard to put people around him at ease. I look forward to the upcoming drama and hope everyone working on it has a wonderful time. Congratulations to JCW on a successful military time.

  2. So excited about this drama! I hope JCW enjoys working with his coworkers and cast. Let’s hope that we get lots of photos as they film.

  3. Yay! It sounds like it’s going to be fun. I was worried that it might be melo. Touching, yes. I can deal with touching and even some tragedy but not full on melo. Thank goodness.

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