[CF] Let’s take off with Ji Chang Wook for Dhele

We’ve been behind on posting any Dhele (formerly 24MIRACLE) content featuring their star endorser Ji Chang Wook, because quite honestly, there has not been anything totally new to post.  Finally, Dhele has remedied that situation with a brand new promotion called “Beauty Flight.”  Let’s take a look!

When this promotion was teased back in late July, we were scratching our heads trying to figure out why Dhele dressed up Wook in an airline captain’s uniform for his photoshoot.  Now we can see why, as this new series promotes their Flight Mode Skincare.

This new promotion is to feature Dhele products for frequent travelers to utilize during their flights, both short and long, and to highlight their recent release of their “How To Be Pure For Beauty” Kai’ai Rebalance Ampoule Serum.

Anyway, all we have at present are these pretty pictures to share.  Another product giveaway is scheduled for 28 August 2019, so stay tuned for more of Captain First Class Ji Chang Wook for Dhele! 🙂

Credits:  Dhele Instagram

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  1. Hello friends from the JCW Kitchen. Thank you for all your information regarding our Wookie. Allow me to say that I also scratched my head when I saw Chang Wook dressed as an airline pilot, I couldn’t figured out why but now thanks to you I am happy to know about Dhele’s new promotion. Again, thank you.

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