[Drama] “Convenience Store Saet Byeol” Ji Chang Wook transforms perfectly into a ‘heodang’ store manager

Actor Ji Chang Wook’s first appearance as a “heodang store manager” at a convenience store has been revealed. [Note:  “Heodang” means a person who is just a little bit odd in their way of thinking or someone who does not quite understand something the first time something is said; someone who is easily confused.]

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Convenience Store Saet Byeol” (written by Son Geun Joo and directed by Lee Myung Woo), which will premiere on 12 June, is a 24-hour unpredictable comic romance in which handsome store manager Choi Dae Hyun (played by Ji Chang Wook) and four-dimensional part-timer Jung Saet Byeol (played by Kim Yoo Jung) will reveal the daily life at a convenience store.  Director Lee Myung Woo of “The Fiery Priest” has taken the megaphone, heralding another “comic restaurant” drama.

“Convenience Store Saet Byeol” shows familiar characters that can be seen in convenience stores, which will arouse viewers’ sympathy and laughter.  At the center is actor Ji Chang Wook, who plays Choi Dae Hyun, a manager who runs a convenience store.  Ji Chang Wook, who has actively performed in drama genres such as melodrama, action and historical, will play passionate young man Choi Dae Hyun, who lives above a convenience store.

On the 19th, the production team of “Convenience Store Saet Byeol” unveiled the first stills of Ji Chang Wook, who completely transformed himself into “store manager Choi Dae Hyun.” Wearing a convenience store uniform in the still cut, Ji Chang Wook is signaling a new character transformation with a friendly visual that seems to pop out of a local convenience store.  As Ji Chang Wook works at the convenience store, he smiles kindly at a guest, but then succumbs to the tiredness of working all night long.

Ji Chang Wook, who is immersed in the character with his dark circles under his eyes, disheveled hair, and sleeping with his mouth open, is drawing attention.  Just a few still cuts reveal Choi Dae Hyun’s fake charm, creating a small laugh.  “Ji Chang Wook is an actor who has the power to perfectly portray his character with outstanding immersion,” said the production team of “Convenience Store Saet Byeol.”  “From the first shooting, Choi Dae Hyun’s passion for small details such as speech, expression, and behavior made the character in the script breathe alive in reality.  I hope you look forward to Choi Dae Hyun’s warm charm and Ji Chang Wook’s transformation to invite viewers to the world of convenience stores.”

“Convenience Store Saet Byeol” will premiere on 12 June at 10:00 PM [KST], following “The King-Eternal Monarch.”

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Credit:  SBSFunE


6 thoughts on “[Drama] “Convenience Store Saet Byeol” Ji Chang Wook transforms perfectly into a ‘heodang’ store manager

  1. Can’t wait to see Jo Chang Wook transformation inside The world of a convenience store. I already know that his performance will be splendid. Thanks for all your information.

  2. I’m so happy to know about his acting in Convinience Store Saut Byeol. I will be very pleased and excited to see him play this role. I know it will be fun. Many congratulations to Ji Chang Wook.

  3. Im expecting so much fun with this upcoming series of JCW.. I wish I could see him doing his shoots and tapings.. Goodluck and God bless to all the hardworking staffs and casts.. Congratulations in advance. 💐☺️

  4. So looking forward to this drama. Hope the writing compliments the actors. I would love to bump into a convenience store guy like JCW! I have Lifetime on my Direct TV. Would I be able to access this drama?

    • The show will air on Lifetime Korea channels only throughout South Korea without English subtitles. Even though A&E/Lifetime Networks is an American corporation, they own many Lifetime subsidiaries in several countries which main focus is to broadcast that country’s programming in their native languages. The reasoning behind Lifetime Korea obtaining the licensing rights to ‘CSSB’ is to be able to broadcast its programming to several cable companies throughout South Korea. (Think Comcast/FIOS/TimeWarner/Cox/AT&T U-Verse/etc.) Those Korean cable companies (KT*TV/LG U+/SK BTV/etc.) will not be broadcasting the show with English subtitles either, because they do not have the capacity (i.e., buckets of money) to take on such an endeavor. But what Lifetime Korea has already in place is an agreement with SBS to distribute its content on an immediate basis. Hopefully one of the legal streaming sites will be able to obtain the license to broadcast and sub. Right now, there is no one entity that has obtained licensing rights. But I’m still investigating and will report back soon.

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