[Musical] Casting for the 10th anniversary performance of musical “The Days” was unveiled…”Yoo Joon Sang and Lee Gun Myeong → Ji Chang Wook

Korea’s leading creative musical “The Days,” which will open in July, has unveiled the all-time casting of the 10th anniversary performance.

The steady-selling creative musical “The Days,” which captures Korean emotions, is a jukebox musical composed of masterpieces sung by the late Kim Kwang Seok, who gives an unchanging impression over the years.  On top of that, it has been loved for its movie-like story and high-quality stage against the backdrop of Cheong Wa Dae [Note:  The Korean Presidential Compound, also known as “The Blue House” for its distinctive blue roof] over a 20-year timeline.

Jang Yoo Jung, a leading playwright and director of Korean creative musicals; Jang Soo Young, a music director who completed a epic poem with an arrangement that adds value to a masterpiece; and Shin Sun Ho, a choreographer who sublimated a lively action into a choreography.

At the time of its premiere in 2013, it swept the creative musical awards of all awards in Korea amid favorable reviews from the audience and critics, setting a record of a total of 11 awards.  Not only has it set a box office record every season over the past decade, but it is also considered one of the most complete jukebox musicals of all time.

As it is a creative musical representing Korea that has achieved 550,000 cumulative audiences so far, musical “The Days” is raising expectations with an all-time casting that will add meaning to the 10th anniversary performance.  Yoo Joon Sang, Seo Hyun Chul, Lee Jung Yeol, Kim San Ho, and Park Jung Pyo, who participated in the entire season from the premiere, joined the new lineup to complete the super-luxury lineup such as Kim Gun Woo and Youngjae, who will revitalize the play.

First of all, Yoo Joon Sang, Lee Kun Myung, Oh Man Seok and Um Ki Joon, musical actors who showed perfect acting over a 20-year span in the musical’s last season’s performances, confirmed their appearance as a cool and thorough principled Jeong-hak.

Yoo Joon Sang, who set a record of appearing in all seasons, is a national actor who travels between the big screen and television with his unrivaled presence and wide spectrum, and will always participate in the “The Days” stage and show his potential as he is considered a symbol of the work.  On top of that, Lee Geon Myung, a trusted actor who is involved in musicals and plays, also meets the audience as Jeong-hak for the first time in a long time.  As it combines excellent acting and singing skills as well as sensuous senses, he will immerse the audience in the work with more dense acting skills.

In addition, Oh Man Seok, who will be on stage for the first time in a long time, will show his solid experience as an actor and musical director who has mastered various genres with his excellent acting skills and character interpretation.  Lastly, Um Ki Joon, who is considered an irreplaceable actor for his ever-changing acting skills in every work regardless of genre, will also capture the stage with a more attractive appearance after confirming his appearance following the 19th season.

As such, all four actors representing the musical “The Days,” which requires no words, will once again lead Jeong-hak’s success of the work.

Oh Jong Hyuk and Ji Chang Wook, who showed perfect martial arts last season, will participate in the role of Mu-young, a friend of Jeong-hak and the owner of a free soul.  On top of that, Kim Gun Woo and Youngjae are expected to revitalize the play by joining as new Mu-youngs.

Oh Jong Hyuk, who is no longer awkward with the modifier ‘musical actor,’ is meeting the audience in a number of recent musical works.  In particular, he will present a more special stage as he has a special affection enough to reveal the musical “The Days” as a “second hometown-like work.”  Ji Chang Wook, who perfectly played the Mu-yeong character itself, also takes special time to appear in this performance despite his busy schedules at home and abroad.  It adds meaning by taking the 10th anniversary stage with loyalty and affection for the premiere actor and “The Days” who participated in many seasons.  Oh Jong Hyuk and Ji Chang Wook, who have been participating in the premiere and building their Mu-young characters, are expected to present a more meaningful stage than ever, crossing romance and action.

Meanwhile, Kim Gun Woo, a new star who showed intense acting in the recently-ended drama “The Glory,” will join the new cast.  He will continue his next move to the musical stage amid numerous love calls and create another life character with a 180-degree change.  Finally, [Choi] Young Jae, who is loved for his sweet voice and powerful singing skills as the main vocalist of idol group GOT7, will appear in “The Days,” and is raising expectations for a new Mu-yeong who will express his versatile charm and energy.

The role of “She,” a mysterious woman guarded by Jeong-hak and Mu-young, will star Kim Ji Hyun, Choi Seo Yeon, and Oh Ji Min (stage name J-min).  Kim Ji Hyun will show her own delicate acting variations in “The Days,” which she has returned to after a long time, as an actor who shows a unique presence with her character and fully melted acting.  Choi Seo Yeon, who returns to the stage from her 19-year career, has been praised for her innocent appearance and outstanding character performance in a number of works, and this season, she exquisitely presents a deeper emotional line and narrative.   Oh Ji Min, who shows explosive singing skills and her own color in each performance, will also return to “The Days” after 10 years, showing beautiful but sad love with deep emotions with acting that goes back and forth between restraint and depth.

Seo Hyun Chul and Lee Jung Yeol, who have been with every season since the premiere, and Ko Chang Seok, who participated in the past seasons, will appear in the role of the executive chef in charge of the President’s House with a friendly and easy-going personality.

Seo Hyun Chul, who has shown great acting in numerous works, delivers warm emotions with deep emotions, while Lee Jung Yeol, who has powerful singing and skilled acting skills, not only adds synergy to the play with soft charisma, but also gives a clear presence in each work.  As such, veteran actors who firmly center the play join together to provide a perfect stage for the 10th anniversary.

In addition, Lee Jin Hee, who returns to the stage of “The Days” after a long time, along with Kim Bo Jung and Kim Seok Young, who were greatly loved in the past seasons, will join again as the Cheong Wa Dae librarians.  Choi Ji Ho and Kim San Ho are re-cast as bodyguard Dae-sik, who is loved for his liquorice-like role, and Park Jung Pyo, Jung Soon Won and Son Woo Min are cast as fellow bodyguard Sang-gu.  It is expected that their pleasant appearance, which is indispensable in “The Days,” will once again be displayed without regret.  Kwak Na Yoon and Lee Jung Hwa, who play the role of the Blue House President’s daughter Hana, along with Hong Yoo Jung and Lee Ja Young, who plays her friend and rival Suzy, have also confirmed their appearances.

Musical “The Days” 10th Anniversary performance will premiere on 12 July and run through 3 September at the Seoul Arts Center Opera House.

Translated from Korean to English by cherkell; there may be slight inaccuracies. PLEASE DO NOT REPRINT, REPURPOSE, SCREENCAP OR OTHERWISE COPY OUR CONTENT WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. 

Sources:  m-i.kr news; Star Daily News 

6 thoughts on “[Musical] Casting for the 10th anniversary performance of musical “The Days” was unveiled…”Yoo Joon Sang and Lee Gun Myeong → Ji Chang Wook

  1. Do you think they will announce “who plays when”? I could try to go there, but discovering the distribution as I enter the Opera House doesn’t sound so fun…

  2. Awesome actors in this play. Someday I would love to go to Korea on a play tour and watch some of my favorite actors perform. My favorites are of course Ji Chang Wook and Oh Man Seok!

  3. I would love for whoever owns the copyright to this musical to release a dvd/cd. It looks amazing…but then anything Ji chan-wook does is perfect. The song ‘When I Loved You’ is my all time favourite. It tears my heart to pieces. Thankyou so much for creating this site.

    • Hi Andrea! We will be waiting a long time for that, since Korean musicals have many copyright owners and getting licensing approval from them and the production companies involved would be a massive undertaking. That’s why you will never see a full musical being released on alternative media. I handle trademark and copyright matters for my law firm, and I’ve already made enquiries as to what is involved for a media release. It’s just not going to happen for “The Days” at all.

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