[Magazine] Harper’s Bazaar, September 2016 Issue – Ji Chang Wook’s Earnest Jokes


There are people who reveal their true faces in jokes instead of serious debates. He who is totally against dating openly because he doesn’t wish to make a big deal out of it, and who still claims that he does not know how to make himself appealing, actor Ji Chang Wook who debuted 8 years ago is such a man. That’s why we had a chat with him. About his dilemma regarding dieting, tears and dating.  Continue reading

[Magazine] Bazaar, March 2014 Issue – The Real Man



The romanticist in “Empress Ki” who was an imagination of youth. In the drama, Ji Chang Wook was a healthy youth who was always bright and lovable. However, the person we met in reality is an intricate, realistic person who says that one cannot live on dreams alone, and one cannot live his whole life loving one person only. Continue reading