[Magazine] Ming Weekly Issue 202 Interview

Battle of Popularity: Sexy Ahjusshi Cha Seung Won VS Yuan Emperor Ji Chang Wook

44-year-old sexy ahjusshi Cha Seung Won and 27-year-old flower boy Ji Chang Wook came to Taiwan one after another to meet their fans, competing for popularity and affinity (with the people). Ji Chang Wook came in advance to promote ticket sales, drawing more than 1,000 fans to his show and earning NT$7,000,000. With his handsome looks and sincerity, he won the hearts of the media and fans. Cha Seung Won made his 5th visit to Taiwan, and close to a thousand fans came out to support him. He did away with the singing and dancing and only spoke during the show, earning NT$5,000,000 worth of ticket sales. Compared to the situation during his visit 3 years ago, the turnout was smaller by a few thousand, and the venue was a little empty.  Continue reading