[News] Ji Chang Wook’s Hong Kong photoshoot and interview preview (Eng Subs)


We finally have some official updates about his sudden and mysterious trip to Hong Kong not too long ago. He was there for a photoshoot cum interview with BNT International.

Comprising of four different concepts and set against the rich history of Hong Kong as backdrop, the photoshoot transforms Ji Chang Wook into a fashionable bad boy in one moment, and he also displays his innocent smile in a pure concept the next moment.

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In his interview for the “Star Chatter” segment, he gave a hint about his role in the upcoming drama ‘Healer’, “Looking at the topic and subject matter alone, they are not light, but I’ll probably play a light character…(laughs)” I’m giving a very literal translation of what he said instead of phrasing it to suit the English language, since he places emphasis on the word “light”. Hmmm…seems like not only is the drama going to be meaningful (“not light”), his character is also going to be quite hilarious (light-hearted)! If that’s how we are suppose to interpret that hint…


He was also asked if he has any ambition to venture overseas as a Hallyu star, he said, “I once worried a lot about (venturing into China). I thought again about why I wanted to become an actor. After giving it some thought, I realised it wasn’t because I wanted to earn money, but I started acting because I wanted to act.”


The BNT staff also revealed an interesting episode during the filming in Hong Kong. “During the final filming, a drunk foreigner came towards us and caused a scuffle at the scene with his rather aggressive behaviour. It was impossible to continue and we almost had to call off the shoot. But at that moment, Ji Chang Wook responded calmly and resolved the situation. Under the hot and humid weather in Hong Kong, having to wear thick autumn clothing for such a long photoshoot and even experiencing this bad incident, from the perspective of an actor, these should be enough to hurt his feelings, but he wasn’t bothered and even step forth personally to resolve the matter without a word of complaint. This professional image of him that he showed during the photoshoot is impressive.”


His photoshoot and interview will be revealed soon in “Star Chatter”.


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  1. Thank you for the news he’s so drop dead gorgeous in those photoshoots. Hope to see him more in projects like that in the future.

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