[Drama/OST] “Healer” OST track listing released

Several online digital music sites have released the track listing for the full “Healer” OST which is scheduled for release on 9 February 2015.  Publisher Windmill Entertainment must have heard the fans’ pleas, as several of the incidental (background) music tracks will be also included in this release.  Ji Chang Wook’s contribution entitled “I’ll Protect You” (technically OST Part.6, but is listed as Track 7 herein) will be released through the usual online Korean music portals (Bugs/Melon/Naver Music, etc.) at 12pm noon today (2 February), and we cannot wait to hear this latest addition to his repertoire!!!

You can listen to Part.6 “I’ll Protect You” right here:


Here’s the scoop:

1.  ‘Healer’ Opening Score (2:36)
2.  Eternal Love – Michael Learns To Rock (4:16)
3.  When You Hold Me Tight – Yael Mayer (3:12)
4.  What Your Eyes Say – Tei (3:36)
5.  You – Ben (3:46)
6.  Because of You – Just (4:09)
7.  I’ll Protect You – Ji Chang Wook (4:10)
8.  Silence (2:40)
9.  Love and Pain (3:29)
10. Code Name: Healer  (2:15)
11. Super Healer  (2:09)
12. Reporter Kim Moon Ho (2:32)
13. Pass On By (3:15)
14. Embrace the World (3:59)
15. Jung-hu Love Theme (3:18)
16. To Battle (2:37)
17. Young-shin’s Dream (2:35)
18. You Love Me (2:08)
19. A Trace of Pain (2:58)
20. Hacking Route (1:43)
21. Healing Me (3:18)
22. Trouble (3:11)
23. Their Fate (3:05)
24. Eternal Memory (2:53)


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  1. Beautiful song!of course comes with a great voice of Ji Chang Wook!loving it..thanks Cherkell for uploading the Ost.

  2. Wow! Daebak! JCW got the voice. Love the melody as well. I can really feel the emotions he put into the song.

  3. I’ve been waiting for the whole album track listing to be released. It’s one thing to wait for the track listing, but it’s another thing to wait for the full album to be out!

  4. Thank you for your hard work creating this awesome jichangwookkitchen website, I appreciated!! I am from Colorado U.S.A. Let me know if you plan to visit Colorado; I am more than welcome to assist you 🙂

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