[Instagram Update] 7 February 2015

12:39am KST

나안아파요 괜찮아요!!! #진짜 #진심 #이건트루 #왜냐면 #난힐러

I’m not hurt, I’m okay!!! #really #truely #this is true #because #I’m Healer

*Ji Chang Wook had to make a quick visit to hospital Friday evening due to back pain after performing some stunts.  But he’s all better now!

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2 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 7 February 2015

  1. All the best to Team Healer!!! Even if it’s underrated and not getting the ratings it deserves, we are united in supporting Healer till the end…great story and casts! Kudos! We will miss Ji Chang Wook in kdrama, hope there’s a follow up project soon before he enlists.

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