[Instagram/Weibo Update] 9 February 2015

10:29am KST


오늘..힐러 마지막 촬영!!! 마지막까지… #서정후 #박봉수 #힐러 #잊지않을게

Today.. Healer’s last filming!!! Until the end… #Seo Jung Hu #Park Bong Su #Healer #I will not forget


오늘 힐러 마지막 촬영..!! 서정후 박봉수 잊지않을게..!!!!![心][心]

Today Healer last filming..!! Seo Jung Hu Park Bong Su I will not forget..!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 9 February 2015

  1. Omo! Healer’s last week! We will be sad not seeing Seo Jung Hu/Park Bong Su anymore. But there will be another and more projects to come for uri JCW. We will support you again and again.

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