[Drama] “Healer” Ji Chang Wook confesses to murder


“Healer” Ji Chang Wook continues his lonely battle.

The production team of “Healer” revealed a still cut of Ji Chang Wook looking lonely in the drama.

In the released pictures, Ji Chang Wook is seen sitting alone by the river. With a blank look and seemingly deep in thought, his face is full of sadness and loneliness. From his bandaged ankle and injury on his lip, one can see the dangerous situation he is facing.

The stills released this time show Jung Hu, who had decided to live an ordinary life just like others, continue his lonely battle again in episode 19. After completing his task to prove his father’s innocence, yet another harsh fate awaits Jung Hu who longs for a happy future with Young Shin.

In particular, the preview of episode 19 showed the shocking appearance of Jung Hu saying “Looks like it will be difficult for me to live like others for the time being”, and “The murder of Park Dong Chul was committed by me”, drawing curiosity for the reason that made him confess by himself.

With two episodes left till the end, “Healer” is approaching its climax with unpredictable developments. The Elder reaches out for Jung Hu in the same way like he did to Moon Shik in the past, and Jung Hu leaves Young Shin to begin his confrontation with the Elder.


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