Happy 29th Birthday to Ji Chang Wook!

Today is 5 July.  A great day for various reasons, but the most important reason (and why we launched this little website exactly one year ago) is that it is also Ji Chang Wook’s birthday!  Chukkahamnida!

Where’s my cake? Why is there no cake on the table?!?

Chang-wook, there will be cake. Trust me on this!

생일축하함니다 (happy birthday to you)
생일축하함니다 (happy birthday to you)
사랑하는 지배우 (we love you Actor Ji)
생일축하함니다 (happy birthday to you)

It has been quite an interesting and exciting 12 months for Ji Chang Wook, with projects such as the “Healer” drama gaining great international success, and the reboot of “The Days” musical playing to sell-out crowds across Korea.  In addition to travelling all over the world for various endorsements and other events, we were treated to a plethora of photoshoots and interviews (with us happily spending a good chunk of money on all those magazines), not to mention we both had the opportunity to see Ji Chang Wook live in person at his fan meetings and other events as well.

♬ Saengil chukahamnida… ♬

And now with a potential (but still not confirmed!) first leading role in the upcoming movie “Fabricated City,” we see nothing but great things coming his way.  So we here at The Kitchen send on our birthday greetings and well-wishes to the man himself.  With so many great opportunities on the horizon, we cannot wait to see what Ji Chang Wook has in store for his fans in the months ahead.

I am SO happy there is cake!!!

And in honour of the 1st anniversary of the launch of Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen, we are deeply thankful to our many readers for their support and kind words over the past 12 months.  We still have a quite a few things up our sleeves, so stay tuned.  But for now…


Note: Before you flood the comments saying that we’ve posted the wrong age for him, we adhere to the Korean calendar in calculating his birthday, as compared to the Gregorian calendar, which would make him 28 years old today.  (The Korean tradition is to count the time that a baby spends in the womb towards their actual age; therefore upon birth, a person is already considered a year old.)

Screencaps:  Hero (MBC, 2009); Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (Channel A, 2011)

34 thoughts on “Happy 29th Birthday to Ji Chang Wook!

  1. happy birthday sweetheart. God bless you and continue to do what you love. Saranghae oppa…..muaaaaaaaaah.

  2. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! You’re really awesome and you’ve been doing such a great job updating us with JCW’s works and all…with that, a big big Thank you!

    And of course a Happy Happy Birthday to Actor Ji and hope that all his birthday wishes and life’s desires will all come true (Hope our birthday wishes will reach him)!

  3. Happy Birthday JCW! Chukkahamida 🙂
    Big Thanks to the creator of this fan website we appreciate all your effort in updating jcw int’l fans. Fighting!

  4. Happy birthday to our dearest Ji Chang Wookssi..Wishing you all the success and good health..;-) eagerly waiting for his new project now..
    Happy Anniversary to JCW’s kitchen…and thanks a lot for keeping us updated so that international fans like me could follow him:-D…fighting..!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary JCWKitchen! Keep up the great work! Thank you for bringing Ji Chang Wook that much closer to us international fans.👍

    Happy 29th Birthday Ji Chang Wook! Wishing you good health and much success for the year! 💕

    PS. I would also like to thank JCW’s mother for bringing such a wonderful person into this world 28 years ago!

  6. Wishing JCW a happy bday today, and good health, happiness and more good projects to come. Happy 1st anniversary to this fansite. Thank you for updating us always of JCW. More power and God bless the 2 of you.

  7. happy one year of loving JCW and us!!! thank you so much, gabby and cherkell for JCWKitchen!!!
    more power!!!

  8. Thank you so much for hosting this website! I get up every morning checking to see the wonderful for our baby Ji chang Wook. Happy Birthday to the man we all love and wish him the best! Happy anniversary kitchen website! Happy Birthday Ji chang Wook!!!

  9. Happy Anniversary JCWKitchen, wait a min, you’re only a year old? So many posts to read here, thought you guys been around for years. Well done Cherkell and Gabby , you two deserve a huge pat on your backs.

    Happy 29th birthday Actor Ji, many happy returns of the day.

  10. Happy birthday to JCW and Happy Anniversary to The Kitchen. May all ur wishes come true for the year ahead. Stay safe and be happy.

  11. Cogratulations JCWkitchen for a year older! Thank you for creating this fansite for us international fan! More power and more of actor Ji Chang Wook!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JCW! Wishing you wonderful year ahead! A blessed birthday to you! Thank you for sharing to us your fans all the love and happiness of being a celebrity! Continue to be kind and humble, and an affectionate son! Continue improving your craft as an actor!

    WE LOVE YOU Ji Chang Wook ssi!

  12. Happy birthday to Ji Chang Wook and Happy 1st anniversary of The Kitchen!
    Thank you Cherkell and Gabby for your great work to bring us more closer to JCW.

  13. Happy Birthday to the most handsome and dazzling man I’ve ever seen on screen………… Ji Chang Wook! Wish you more great things to come. I love you so much!
    Thank you JCW Kitchen Admin for this wonderful website, this serves as a lifeline being JCW’s avid fan. More power to you!

    Tayni of Philippines

  14. Saeng il chu kam ham nida, dearest chang wooksi!
    Cheers to more years of good health, prosperity and productive career as an artist!
    Saranghae, my Emperor. you heal my heart!

  15. Thank You for starting this webpage for our beloved Wookie. Wishing him a very blessed birthday and at the same time thanking his mom for having a great son and sharing his love with us. Happy Birthday Actor Ji.

  16. Happy anniversary! Congrats on your first year. Just want to thank you for creating this website. I’m Vietnamese and live in the United States. Thanks to you, I can become a fan and follow Ji Chang Wook. If you ever need to stay in San Diego to follow him, I will be more than happy to host you so save you cost in order to thank you for all that you do for the international fans. Keep up the great work! 😀

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