[Event] Stylus Jewellery photos from Ji Chang Wook fan sign

Stylus Jewellery is nothing but prolific with their advertising media, and have just uploaded to their website more photos taken during Ji Chang Wook’s fan sign on 10 October.  Let’s take a look!

In addition, Stylus has also updated their splash page with another teaser from their 1 October photoshoot:

And a few more proof shots of their print advertisements which will be featured in several Korean magazines in the next few months:


Credit:  estylus.co.kr

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7 thoughts on “[Event] Stylus Jewellery photos from Ji Chang Wook fan sign

  1. well if that doesn’t brighten up my day! love the photos. course, i love any photo that includes him in it!

  2. Thank you Cherkell!:)

    He looks irresistable in the white shirt! Or anything for that matter!!
    God, how am i supposed to go on with work today with images of him in that shirt a constant in my mind?!

  3. Thank you Cherkell! Thank you Stylus Jewellery!

    Nothing makes me happier than to have more pics of JCW! Gorgeous gorgeous man! Thanks for making my day Cherkell!

  4. Thank you Cherkell for this post!

    Wow, he is heavenly in that white buttoned long sleeve!!!!! I never get tired looking at those photos even if i have seen them in the nth times already! My heart really goes to this wonderful guy!!!😍😍😍

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