[Drama] Ji Chang Wook’s first teaser for “Whirlwind Girl 2”

Less than a month to go before its premiere date of 27 July 2016, Mango TV has posted the first teaser and cast posters for “Whirlwind Girl 2.”  (This is the same teaser shown to the lucky fans who were able to attend the special drama preview and fan meeting held on 12 June in Shanghai.)  Take a look here!

“Whirlwind Girl 2” is to air Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10:00pm, beginning 27 July 2016 on Hunan Satellite TV.  Looking forward to it!

Source:  http://www.mgtv.com/v/2/293050/c/3293313.html


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2 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook’s first teaser for “Whirlwind Girl 2”

  1. I wish they did all of the written text in gold and black instead of the pink/purple – but I guess the writer really loves pink/purple, Anyways, this drama better have a strong story line. I think the 1st Whirlwind Girl did well based on the plot, which is simple, but does a decent job of weaving the side stories into the main love quadrangle, with over-arching questions about which guy Bai Chao will choose and the mystery of the quiet doctor’s backstory and why he left yuanmudo.

  2. Thank tor this posting Cherkell!

    Aaaargh..it looks good. But I don’t know how I’ll feel about JCW’s dubbed voice though. That could really spoil the whole thing for me. Plus I have to find a way to watch this when it’s released! JCW looks good in the trailer..! (Of course he does! 😆)

    PS. Cherkell..any idea what’s happening with “Mr Right”?

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