[Event] Ji Chang Wook’s “Be With You” Nanjing concert ticketing details

Just when we thought Ji Chang Wook was done with his “This is JCW” concert tour, his Chinese agency Bravo Music announced an additional stop, this time in Nanjing, China.

Event: Ji Chang Wook Be With You 2016 Nanjing This Is JCW
Date and time: 20 August 2016, 7.30pm (local time)
Venue: Nanjing Sun Palace Theatre (南京太阳宫剧场)
Address:  No. 3, Yangguang Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, China (玄武区太平门阳光路3号)

The Sun Palace Theatre is located in the Zijin Foothills near White Horse Park in Nanjing.  The complex had formerly housed the “Lazy River Rafting” indoor pool and recreation venues, but as of early 2016, the area around Xuanwu Lake has been transformed into the Sun Palace Leisure and Entertainment District.  The concert hall has approximately 3,000 seats spread over three levels.

Ticket sales:  Damai or call 1010-3721 for English service
*Advanced ticket sales:  26 July 2016 at 11:00am (China local time); 12:00 noon (Korea local time)
Ticket prices: 280 yuan, 480 yuan, 880 yuan, 1080 yuan and 1280 yuan (all prices listed in Chinese Renminbi)

*If you make a reservation during advanced ticket sales period, you will be able to choose your seat based on the order of payment made when ticket sales officially start (meaning you have more choice of seats the earlier you make payment). The date and time for official ticket sales will be announced later.

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

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  1. i i hope there will be also a fan meeting here in the Philippines. I really want to see him personally. HUHU .

  2. Thanks for this piece of news Gabby.

    Poor JCW..just when one thinks he can relax a bit. But lucky Nanjing fans! What a super duper surprise!

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