[Eng Sub] 20160923 Ji Chang Wook and YoonA – “The K2” Live Chat

On the day that “The K2” was due to air its first episode, Ji Chang Wook and YoonA had participated in a live chat with fans to promote their drama “The K2”. The chat was streamed live on Daum Tv Pot and Kakao Story, where Korean fans got to submit questions to them and leave hilarious comments that kept the two of them laughing non-stop during the 50-minute session.

During the live chat, they answered questions about the story and played some games, including one that revolved around Ji Chang Wook’s favourite topic — food. Much to his own surprise, Ji Chang Wook discovered that he has a talent for such programmes as he displayed a good sense of humour and chattiness not seen before. Now that you’ve realised  this, how about setting up your own Vapp channel?

Watch the live chat with English subtitles here:

Click on CC for English subtitles. 

Subtitles translated from Korean to English by Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen. 
This video was uploaded for the sole purpose of providing English subtitles to international fans. No copyright infringement intended.


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4 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20160923 Ji Chang Wook and YoonA – “The K2” Live Chat

  1. Thank you so much for posting and the English subtitles.

    JCW and Yoona did such a great job. JCW could be a talkshow host, he’s very good.

  2. Thank you so much for the Subtitles! You are a star.

    How cute is Ji Chang Wook.He was charming and witty through out the chat. I’m glad he is overcoming his shyness.

  3. It was a very enjoyable chat…both JCW and Yoona seemed so comfortable with each other. Although JCW is very shy and is nervous with live tv, he has an excellent MC voice. Thanks for JCW Kitchen for the translations! Understanding the conversation gave great insight into JCW.

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