[Magazine/CF] Ji Chang Wook gets timely for GC Watch

Fresh off the heels of “The K2” finale, Ji Chang Wook cleans up rather nicely, no?  His latest CF for ALLETS shows off the GC Watch timepiece line in a video entitled “Smart Luxury Moment.”  Truth in advertising.  😀

ALLETS is a Korean online fashion magazine, and this filming took place at a studio in Sungsu-dong, Seoul on 28 October.  Take a look here:

14 November update:  Pictures and video from the ALLETS website:


Credit:  ALLETS Magazine You Tube

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7 thoughts on “[Magazine/CF] Ji Chang Wook gets timely for GC Watch

  1. Along with everything else, I love his hands. I think men get hands like this when they lift weights (the lower part of the hand where the muscle attaches to the thumb is enlarged). But I’ve always liked his manly hands and the watch here just emphasizes how large they are.

  2. Wowww!!!!!! New CF!!! Thanks for sharing…happy to hear news about him..he looks manly in video..how can he looks cute and manly at same time!!! it seems to be he was going to be busy until his MS!! Take care Wookie!!
    ps: can anyone give me his offical emai id or anything that can contact him ..plzzz..i want to appreciate him personallyy..he doesnt hav official fb account..

    • Doubt any fan would have his personal contact though. He would want to separate his work from personal life. The best way is probably to leave a comment on his Instagram or Weibo, or write a letter and give it to him when you meet him at any event.

      • Thank you so much for reply !! i appreciate that he wants to keep his personal life away from being celebrity!!! but im from India and i think its almost impossible for me to meet him at events..wish i could get chance to meet him..does he has email id?? i hope in future he will open his official FB account..fingers crossed😅😅

      • There is no official email address for Wook. You can send him a snail mail letter to his agency, Glorious Entertainment. Or you can send Glorious an email with your thoughts, but be aware that they operate in Korean and their English comprehension is very limited. And don’t hold your breath about his Facebook account opening up again; he has put it on private for many good reasons.

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