[Event] This is JCW – 1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok details announced (updated)


Thailand folks, get ready for a dose of Ji Chang Wook!  It was announced today that Wook will hold his “1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok” on Saturday, 21 January 2017 at 5:00pm local time. Here are the details announced so far:

Venue:  Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani, 99 Popular Rd., Ban Mai, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand; Telephone: +662 504-5050 (http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/venue/details.php?vid=170&la=en)


Ticket Levels and Prices:  6,000 baht (limited to 400 seats; includes fan sign) / 5,000 baht (limited to 500 seats; includes group photo) / 3,800 baht (includes lucky draw for 70 autographed posters / 2,800 baht (includes lucky draw for 30 autographed posters) / 1,800 baht (grandstand only).  All purchased seats will receive an official poster and hi-touch with Ji Chang Wook after the fan meeting.


Ticket Sales Open:  17 December 2016 at 10:00am Thailand time through Feoh Management (http://www.feoh.co.th/)

UPDATE 21 December:  Due to massive issues with international fans not be able to purchase tickets, Feoh Management has moved the sales portal Thai Ticket (http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/concert/ji-chang-wook-1st-fan-meeting-in-bangkok-2017-en.html).  Sales will resume on 26 December 2016 at 10:00am local time, and good seats are still available!  In case of further purchase issues, Thai Ticket can also be reached by telephone at +662-2262-3456 for more ticking information.

Seating Chart:



9 Dec update:

Credit:  Feoh Management Facebook

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    • We do not have any information regarding group photos other than what was already posted by Feoh. You should check with the Feoh event organizers as to what their policies will be for the ticketing level group photos.

  1. Hi! Thank you for keep us informed of everything.
    I want to go so badly that I’m considering traveling from my country (far, far away) to attend. Does anybody know a reliable source that can help me with the ticket purchase for the event? It is because the information is in Thai. Or when the tickets go on sale they will provide the information (and steps) in English?
    Also, do you know if they accept US Credit Cards?
    A lot of questions, I know. :3
    I will appreciate who can response.
    Best regards!

  2. Hi, I am a fan from Bhutan. I will be in Bangkok on 21st and would like to attend his fan meeting. How can I purchase tickets?

  3. I hope he goes to Singapore and Philippines. Being on Twitter for a while now, I noticed the surge of Wook’s popularity after The K2. I hope he gets to visit more countries in Southeast Asia; and I hope that he gives us a rom-com before he goes to military. Fighting Oppa!

  4. I am going to miss him terribly, but it is an inevitable thing that all men in Korea have to do. I guess I am going to watch all of his previous dramas and Youtube videos until he comes back. 😥

  5. Lucky Thai fans! It’s going to be a great evening for everyone! JCW’s working really hard. As he always does. How will we survive without any news of him for 2 years? 😦

  6. Despite being more than 20 years older than him, seeing his picture makes me want to whine “Opppppp-PAAAAAAAH!

    Is he getting even better looking?!

    • He is! Every photo that comes out made me wonder if he can get any better; and whoa… he can. For me, he gets better and better looking every day.

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