[Award] Ji Chang Wook wins Best Dresser award (Updated)

In what is probably a first for him, Ji Chang Wook has won an award for his fashion sense at the 2016 Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards.

Now in its 31st edition, the Korea Best Dresser Swan Award picks winners who show exemplary style, speech and heart from across various fields such as Economics, Politics, Culture, Sports, Singer, Actor and Model.  A total of 16 winners in various categories have been chosen this year, and Ji Chang Wook picks up the award in the Best Dressed Male Actor category.  Other celebrities among the list of winners are Girls Generation’s YoonA, and singing groups B1A4 and Sistar.

The award ceremony is being held at the Grand Ballroom in Seoul Grand Hyatt Hotel at 5.30pm KST today, though it remains unclear if Ji Chang Wook will be attending the event.

Update – Here are press pictures of him at the ceremony:

Credit:  Newsen.com; iNews24; see watermarks

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  1. Yes! Congrats JCW! This award doesn’t come as a surprise cause JCW looks good and stylish all the time..whether JCW’s in front of a camera or not. JCW looks good even when he’s not trying! Congrats!! 🎉

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